About Us

Our Business DFGames is one of the largest and most popular website for online trading of digital goods, virtual currency and MMORPG service provider in the World and the largest in Latin America. We have been in the industry since 2004 and we just keep growing along with it. Our customers come from many different parts of the world and this is just one of the many special things about DFGames. The relationships we have with our customers are very important to us because we understand the significance of having somebody they can trust and depend on, no matter where they are in the world. Our purpose is to provide gamers with fast transactions, excellent 24 hours online customer service and guaranteed transactional security. We dedicate much of our time to improve the services we already offer while maintaining a high level of satisfaction in our work. We like what we do! It is no wonder we attained the rank of Ebay Power Seller and more than 7500 positive feedbacks as a reward for our hard and honest work. We are happy to enhance interaction between MMOG players around the world after serving thousands of satisfied customers. Everyone is pleased with our services and we are always ready to provide you a secure, high quality, and fast service. To contact us, please visit our Contact Us page.